Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you charge extra for gratuity?

Gratuity is figured into the price per guest, as well as all other fees except tax. We do accept tips, but will not charge you extra gratuity. 

What will be added to my total bill after the price per guest?

All fees except tax are figured into our price per guest. If you are exceptionally far away we sometimes charge for travel but would discuss this with you prior to booking.

Do you charge Tax?

Yes we do. 

Do you have tables, chairs and real dinnerware for rent?

We do not at this time have dinnerware, chairs and tables for rent but may in the future. 

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we do not serve alcoholic beverages. 

When you serve a buffet are guests able to come back for seconds?

Yes! We welcome seconds and thirds! Don't plan on going hungry if we are catering!